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Strategic Partnerships Manager focuses on developing meaningful partnerships with market leaders in SaaS/Technology that can significantly impact our growth by getting our product promoted directly to their customers at scale.As a Strategic Technology Partnerships Manager you will educate, motivate, and secure commitments from the partners resulting in compelling product experiences that bring new users to Appy Pie. By encouraging partners to make Appy Pie readily available where their users expect to find workflow automation solutions, this helps partners reduce churn, close more sales, and be more well connected to 3rd party apps.Here are some things you'll probably do:Build and maintain relationships with key ecosystem partners and identify opportunities within those ecosystems to generate new users for Appy PieFind creative ways to surface Appy Pie inside our partner’s products where customers would be looking for integration/automation (checkout for examples)Inject yourself into partner’s upcoming road maps, persuade them to build to Appy Pie, and execute product launches that highlight our solutionCraft pitches and business plans that resonate with a partner's audience and work with internal and partner teams to execute and promoteEncourage partners to continuously improve their integration, engaging with feature requests and bug fixesListen closely to partners’ needs and document their requests in our feedback database, coordinating with product teams to deliver the tools partners needMotivate partners to participate in Appy Pie marketing opportunities (e.g. new feature releases, blog posts, enablement etc.)Challenge the status quo and effect positive organizational change outside of mandated workShare the right amount of information with the right people, at the right time, and listens effectivelyInvest in tools and processes that lead to outsized impact so Appy Pie can be more productive than a similar sized companyAs a part of Appy Pie's all-hands philosophy, help customers via support to ensure they have the best experience possible.
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